Dental Work carried out on 15/3/2016

Hi All, I though you might like to have a look at what happened to my teeth on Tuesday 15/3/2016

Before, in this photo you can see the Teeth I have had all my adult life, 2 of the front ones have been deteriorating lately, as a result of root canal work completed 25 years ago. You can see the temporary patch the dentist applied about 5 months ago to stabilise the teeth after I broke one eating an apple.

Same thing, slightly different angle.

First the dentist aneathetised my mouth (most painfull part, feeling the needle going in), then he cut the temporary patches off, then he pulled out the dead teeth

yes, quite a hole in my mouth, I can tell you it feels weird! also makes it hard to talk.

then he installed a temporary plate in my mouth with 2 false teeth on it, and yes that is a big chunck of plastic in my mouth

the end (temporary) result looks like this:

Almost identical to what my mouth used to look like. Now and I am re-learning how to speak, so, if we catch up on the phone, bear with me, I have that big chunk of plastic in there and no i am not sucking on a lolly!

Lucky for me this thing is only temporary, and will come out in 6 to 8 months from now, when the permanent implants get installed. the timeline from here is as follow:

  1. The gum has to heal, takes 4-6 weeks
  2. The gum is cut, some bone may need to be removed, then Titanium tech screws are installed. The bone needs to grow strongly around these screws, which takes 4- 6 months.
  3. the bone density is tested, and when strong enough the gums are cut again and the final crowns are installed.

The dentist tells me that the while process typically takes about 12 months, so I should be back to normal by February 2017.

Richard 16/3/2016