Nostradamus - "I told you so!"


This archive was started in July 2014 to detail the events that will unfold over the next 30 years as the age of Pisces ends and the age of Aquarius begins. Considering that 90% of the world will be covered in water, the name "Age of Aquarius" is most appropriate! Nostradamus is famous for getting his dating and timing all wrong, obviously it was hard for him to tell the precise time and dates for the events he saw unfold in his black mirror. It is however possible to work out roughly the timeline and logical sequence of events as they will unfold over the next 30 years. I would like to acknowledge the excellent work done by Delores Cannon, without her work this website would not be possible, anyone who disbelieves or disagrees with my interpretations is encouraged to read all 3 of Delores' books on Nostradamus for themselves. If you think that by ignoring his words none of the gloom will take place, them I am sorry to advise you that you are wrong!

I will not copy or para phrase Nostradamus's proficies here, rather I will give a Volume and Page reference to Doleres's books so that you can go and read the relavant proficy for yourself and draw your own conclusions. For example III 53 refers to page 53 of Dolores Cannon's Conversations with Nostradamus Book 3, while V-25 is a refence to Century 5 Quatrain 25.

This website is a work in progress, feel free to come back from time to time to see what has been added.


Nostradamus continuously refers to "the Century" it was not clear to me how this century was defined. It was clear to me that Delores and her collegues thought that Nostradamus was referring to the 20th century and consequently they tried to make everything fit into an impossible timeframe. Today is 6/4/2016 and I can proudly say that I have figured out the start and end dates of Nostradamouses Century.

From Wikipedia I found that the American stockmarket crashed on 24 October 1929, this started the great depression which in turn facilitated Hitler's and the Nazy parties rise to power. From II 306 we know that WW3 ends and the Earth Change starts on 24 October 2029 precisely 100 years or a Century later! The riddle has been solved!

2013 The final Pope is elected - Pope Francis. We know he is last of all Popes, because of several proficies, including Malacy (700AD) and Nostradamus who specified that the last pope would also be the first Jesuit Pope, further he said that this Pope would have a major medical defect, I think a missing lung qualifies him.

2014 The third anti-christ has revealed himself - Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi (click here to see the logic and interpretation of the Nostradamus riddle RAYPOZ)

2015 Ogmios knows who he is and what he needs to do, he also realises that he cannot reveal himself at this stage!

22-1-15 John Kerry US secretary of defense announces that the bombing of ISIL has slowed their progress, but will never defeat them, he calls for stronger action, ie boots on the ground and direct engagement.

2016-2019 The crash of the US dollar, the collapse of the Europian Economy and the end of the Cabal

Thom Hartmann has written a book explaining the financial distruction of the USA in 2016 or there abouts. It certainly makes for an interesting read or listen if you get the audiobook. This is part of the financial destruction of the USA, and help ISIL gain more world power, it could also be part of the strategy deployed by the third anti-christ to defeat the Cabal.  It is good to see that other people are coming up with a similar timeline to myself especially from a completely different starting point.

2020 (78 years after the Blitzcrieg) King Charles of England is killed by a terrorist act. The Blitzcrieg was a strategy used by the German armed forces during world war 2, which went from 1939 to 1945, according to wikipedia, 1942 is the year most strongly associated with the term Blitzcrieg, so if we add 78 to that year, we get 2020 ± 3 years so 2017 to 2023, lets see what happens and when.

Before the above happens, King Charles of England will have a stand-off with the third antichrist over the Rock of Gebraltar, which happens when the third antichrist attached italy and spain, so when WW3 starts for real in Europe.

It goes without saying that Queen Elisabeth of England will need to die or abdicate before these events take place

Sometime after these events, the third antichrist and his army will drop a biological weapon on England which either kills or makes all men sterile, the reason he deploys this on England, is that it is an island, allowing the affects to be contained to that place without endangering the rest of the world, while at the same time destroying one of his greatest enimies.

The start of World war Three

I think it will be hard to define the actual starting point of WW3, WW2 is said to have started when Germany attacked Poland on 1/9/45. So when one country attacks another, would mark the start of the last World War. What if a terrorist organisation takes over 2 countries at once, Iraq and Syria? Does the war begin when this State (IS) attacks a third country? Or has the war already started? And what if the other countries attacked crumble from within, instead of being over run by a superior force?

IS will take over most of Africa, all of Europe, all of Asia including Russia and China and Australia. The affective opposition will be the USA, New Zealand and some pacific islands. It is not stated what Canada and South America will do, but I assume that they will be part of the surviving free coalition that will fight back. Also I think that this snapshot shows the largest extend of this empire, and that it will be driven back to the middle east where it came from as the Caliph and his IS armies will be killed in that part of the world by the Sunami.

In the countries conquered by IS (third anti-christ) a new system will be introduced, all survivers will be tatoed with invisible ink which only reveals your ID number when exposed to UV light or Infrared light, this number will also be linked to your bank account. All people who do not earn money and pay taxes will be executed as they will not benefit the third anti-christ, I assume that children will be exempt. But unemployed, retired or handicapped people will have no chance to live.

the Caliph is an evil person who seeks power(control) and wealth(Money). Also he feels that 7 billion people is to many and wants to reduce the world population to about 5 billion, so for him killing of non-contributors is the simplest way of achieving this. These actions will also help to control the masses with fear! People either fight back or hang in there. His last day on earth is stated on this page, so we can all count down to it!

Nostradamus has told us that there will be 75 years of relative peace (time of troubles) from the end of WW2 until the start of WW3. He also makes repeated reference of the current time being the end of the century, and if you think about the 100 years from the end of World War 1 to the start of World War 3, that is pretty close to a century. of course many people assumed incorrectly that Nostradamus was talking about the end of last Century, the end of the Millennium, but no, he was talking about the time between world wars. Similarly he tells us that after WW3, there will be a 1000 years of peace.

II-38 Century V-25 Tells us that there are 2 middle eastern leaders who use their armies to attack neighbouring countries, one of these is Egypt, the other I feel is ISIS or ISIL or simply IS (Islamic State). This is interesting, because both of these leaders have already sumarily executed the opponents in their own countries or areas of control.

24 October 2029 The end of World War Three and the start of the Earth Change

Nostradamus tells us that the third anti-christ is killed in the Sunami which marks the start of the Earth change, he and most of his supporters will get swept out to sea by this giant wave. It will not be immediately obvious to the rest of the world because of the destruction of this world wide event. The people of the future also tell us that WW3 finished about 10 years before the formation of the one world government in 2039, so the war ends in about 2029. Nostradamus also tells us that it is the USA that starts WW3, the logical event to mark the beginning is 911, where the CIA crashed planes into the twin towers and blamed it on the Muslim extremists in the world. Nostradumus has also said that WW3 will take the same time to conclude as it takes Jupiter to complete one solar year, one orbit around the sun, it takes Jupiter 28 earth years to complete its lap. So for September 11, 2001 we go forward 28 years to, you guessed it 2029! The third anti christ is killed in a Sunami, while engaged on the battlefield somewhere near Turkey.

2029-2039 The Earth Change

both Mother Shipton and Nostradamus tell us that the comit Apophis which will pass between the Earth and the Moon, will be our final warning before the earth change starts, Apophis is due on March 23, 2029. This commit could cause the magnetic core in the earth to flip over, causing the Earth change.

2039 The formation of the One World Government

2040 The start of 1000 years of peace!

2087 World population is 120,000,000 this is less then 2% of the world population in 2014 and 6 times the population of Australia. The main inhabitable landmasses will be Australia, antartica (no longer frozen) the mid atlantic and mid pacific new land masses, and the old USSR, however most of it will be covered by the new polar ice cap. the rest of the world will be made up of a number of smaller islands