Fraser Island December 2015 / January 2016

A fantastic week with Friends (David and son James) and Family (Ryan and Fiona + Friend Tyron)

Thanks to David we have lots of video footage of this year's adventure. You may notice the L plates on my car, that is when Fiona was driving, and apart from one near Head on, she Drove perfectly. By the way the near miss was much closer then the footages makes it look, Dave's camera was a wide angle lens, and it took all 3 of us several minutes to fully regain our composure. I must admit, I felt incredibly proud of my daughter for completing the crossing both ways without any problems, there were many grown men who got stuck (as the video shows). She did receive a standing ovation and many cheers from the bystanders and lookers on

Click on the links below to view the Footage, btw although the video was all recorded in silence, Dave has added a soundtrack, so its worth turning up the volume:

You should view this using ADSL or NBN, I would not recommend using mobile data as these are large, high resolution files. Also remember to make your window fullscreen, the footage is AT LEAST 1080 x 1920, some of it could even be UHD.

But well worth watching, and my server is fast enough to play these live to you, you will need at least 300 KB per second download to get a smooth playback, my upload speed is about 1000 KB per second, so if the show pauses its not my fault!

Ngkala Rocks 505 MB about 25 minutes long

Sandy Cape and light house 191 MB about 9.5 mins long

Miscilanious Fraser 37 MB about 2 minutes long

Ngkala Rocks 2 Traveling South to North just after rain 92 MB about 5 mins long